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Is CIFI available on my device?

CIFi is currently in beta and available for web. Currently developing android & iOS which will be released soon.

There is no signup or sign in, simply connect your wallet to CIFi and you are logged in.

Yes, you can send direct messages to users on CIFI. Just click on the user’s name or address and then click the message which will take you to the chat window where you can type your message.

Yes, every smart contract deployed on the blockchain has a dedicated messaging group on CIFi, just paste the contract and start building your own community before the developer creates one for you

Yes, Simply click on +, you can create a community group for general discussions or a project group which could at any time be connected with your smart contract.

Every smart contract deployed on the blockchain has a dedicated standard single channel group on CIFI, the creator wallet address of that smart contract can claim the group which will give him admin rights to personalise the group.

Connect creater’s wallet on CIFi’s platform, search your messaging server by pasting the smart contract address in the search bar. Messaging server will open and from there click the “Claim your server” button.

Yes, CIFI is deployed on Ethereum. You can buy CIFI token on UNISWAP {LINK}