Revolutionize Cross-Chain communication with CIFI

A cross-chain messaging platform designed for effortless communication and community building within the ever-expanding blockchain landscape.

Found my DeFi project!
Found my DeFi project!

Discover CIFI’s Key Features

Empower Your Blockchain Connections

Discover seamless cross-chain collaboration with CIFI. Enjoy customizable servers, top-notch security, and easy controls. Strengthen your blockchain community in a secure, user-friendly space.

Empower Your Community & Embrace Blockchain Agnosticism

Where your blockchain community takes flight.

Empower your community and navigate the blockchain world with ease. CIFI is your gateway to connecting diverse blockchains, fostering innovation, and building strong, inclusive communities. It’s the ultimate platform for seamless communication and collaboration across any blockchain, tailored to your needs.

Discover Projects Effortlessly with Blockchain-Based Filtering

Step into a world of clarity with CIFI.

Filter the Noise feature allows you to easily find projects based on your preferred blockchain, eliminating irrelevant clutter and saving you time.


more efficient search and exploration of projects, tailored by blockchain preference.


more simplified project discovery, through focused blockchain filtering options.

Social Synergy and Unwavering Security

Connect, Share, and Secure.

Blend community and security effortlessly with CIFI. Our platform ensures your blockchain discussions are both lively and safe, fostering trust and collaboration. With robust encryption and privacy measures, every interaction is protected, empowering your community to engage freely and securely.

Granular Control & Organized Discussions

Navigate conversations with precision.

Dive into CIFI’s world where every chat is perfectly placed, and everyone has a role. With granular control, you’re the maestro, orchestrating discussions and guiding your blockchain community. Organized channels mean topics stay on track, and custom roles let you manage the flow. It’s your community, tuned to harmony.

Unlock Your Community’s Potential

Experience the Future of Communication

CIFI empowers you to create a secure, scalable, and user-friendly communication hub for your blockchain community, fostering collaboration and innovation across chains.


Quick Answers

Find solutions and learn more about how CIFI works with our handy guide.

Is CIFI available on my device?

CIFi is currently in beta and available for web. Currently developing android & iOS which will be released soon.

There is no signup or sign in, simply connect your wallet to CIFi and you are logged in.

Yes, you can send direct messages to users on CIFI. Just click on the user’s name or address and then click the message which will take you to the chat window where you can type your message.

Yes, every smart contract deployed on the blockchain has a dedicated messaging group on CIFi, just paste the contract and start building your own community before the developer creates one for you

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CIFI is a cross-chain messaging platform designed for effortless communication and community building.

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